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June 06 2015

Are you by any chance raven wearing a gas mask with the ink brush

yeep that me. my friend is steve but he left i think

ive lost like 5 matches in a row because my team has apparently been doing nothing but jerking off instead of covering the map with ink

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So this just happened.

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quick thing of seraphina/emily jane/mother nature/whatever. ive been meaning to draw her


im loving the ink brush holy shit

ill be playing splatoon in a few minutes so if ya wanna come join nows the time

June 05 2015

hey deviantart ghirahim fandom whats up!

alright see you later!

theres so much good black ice shit… it floors me sometimes

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North and Pitch log


no money

no family


eyyy my network id is my url also i suck at aiming so just a heads up haha

ill add you! ill probs be on later… ill make another post when i start playing

if anyone else wants 2 add me 2 play later my id is rave-n-igma

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face face face( ☆∀☆)

Thank you for all my followers !!!!!!

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i woke up at 9 today which is surprising because i went to bed at 5 lol i guess that armageddon dream helped for something

reasons to play skyrim:


  • interspecies and gay marriage is allowed (you can be a lizard guy and marry a werewolf dude if you want)
  • you can kill things by yelling at them
  • you can punch bears
  • you can secretly shove 100 potatoes in someone’s pocket
  • there are lizard furry porn books scattered all across the place

does anyone wanna play splatoon with me perhaps

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ghiralink week  → day 6: steel

its grumpy sword polishing time

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